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ARV-771 是一种 PROTAC 类的有效 BET 降解剂。对 BRD2(1)BRD2(2)BRD3(1)BRD3(2)BRD4(1) 和 BRD4(2) 的 Kd 值分别为 34,4.7,8.3,7.6,9.6 和 7.6 nM。

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ARV-771, a small-molecule pan-BET degrader based on proteolysis-targeting chimera (PROTAC) technology, demonstrates dramatically improved efficacy in cellular models of CRPC as compared with BET inhibition. ARV-771 potently degrades BRD2/3/4 in 22Rv1 cells with a DC50 less than 5 nM. c-MYC protein is a downstream effector of BET proteins. Treatment with ARV-771 results in depletion of c-MYC with an IC50 of less than 1 nM. ARV-771 shows strong antiproliferative effect on 22Rv1, VCaP, and LnCaP95 cell lines. ARV-771 treatment has a pronounced effect on cell morphology consistent with apoptosis. FL-AR and AR-V7 mRNA are down-regulated upon treatment with 10 nM ARV-771 in VCaP cells. ARV-771 has an antiandrogenic effect on a number of AR-regulated genes in VCaP cells[1].



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